Press Release #3

29.12.2014 .
Platform #YoTambienExijo

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12/29/2014.- The Cuban artist and #YoTambienExijo Platform spokesperson, Tania Bruguera, has confirmed that the performance “Tatlin’s Whisper # 6” will take place as already announced. This Tuesday, December 30th at 15 h (local time) at La Plaza de la Revolución, Havana, Cuba. However, official agencies have not granted her permission or any positive response to the formal request for protection and guarantee of order, submitted to the Headquarters of the Policía nacional Revolucionaria (PNR) today.

Despite the lack of support from State and Government bodies, several personalities from the artistic and cultural scene of Cuba and abroad, have confirmed their support from a logistical point of view and attending the event, thereby validating its essentially artistic nature.

“The artist has the right to dissent with the power, with the status quo, and has the right to be respected for dissenting and to be protected for dissenting,” says Bruguera in the Manifesto of the Rights of the Artist, which read publicly in the “Expert Meeting on Artistic Freedom and Cultural Rights” at the United Nations Headquarters, Geneva, on December 6, 2012.

La Plaza de la Revolución is a public area, large enough so that diverse sights may be expressed peacefully. However, unofficial information envisages that the Government will organize cultural simultaneous activities at the same spot, to counter the impact of the performance. “The governments of nations where artists work, have an obligation to protect the right of the artist to dissent because that is its social function.” Holds Bruguera in the aforementioned manifesto.

If the people wants to be there nobody will be able stop it. On our side, as artists and citizens, we believe these are times when every Cuban must take a historic step. Our action will be peaceful and reactions to any issues, if happens, will also be peaceful.” Says Bruguera.

“We have worked with discipline, order, respect for the law, seeking information on regulations for public activities, from the start. We have also applied the appropriate permissions and have received support and social acceptance for a peaceful performance. If some kind of disorder generated by violent groups against the performance took place, the responsibility will fall on the Government”, says Bruguera.

In a new meeting today at the Consejo Nacional de las Artes Plásticas (CNAP), they set forth three matters to discuss with Bruguera: 1) do the performance in the courtyard of the Museo Nacional 2) do not allow entry to “any dissident or mercenary” as stated by Government officials and 3) limit the duration of the project to an hour and a half. The artist only agreed to limit the duration of the performance; as for the pending suggestions, she emphatically denied. “From my artistic and human principles, I refuse to become a censor.” She stated.