Declaration of the Association of Plastic Artists of UNEAC

30.12.2014 .
Havana, Cuba

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By request by the President of the Association of Plastic Artists of UNEAC CUBARTE reproduces the following text:

The renowned artist Tania Bruguera has called for a supposed performance this 30th of december to be held at the emblematic Plaza de la Revolución in Havana. This has been done outside of the framework of any cuban institution and, as it happens in these cases, the initiative has been widely circulated by counter-revolutionary media, specially by the libel publication Diario de Cuba, which quickly took a stance against the declarations made by he presidents Raúl Castro and Barack Obama on December 17. We are not naive, the meaning of this performance will not be interpreted as an artwork in any way. It is a political provocation, oriented o support the thesis of those who have circulated it.

This action does not pursue another purpose than to situate itself agains the negotiations that give hope to many human beings, first and foremost 11 million Cubans. It will be supported, if anything by a few local mercenaries who work for the politics that even President Obama has deemed as failed; by the only ones that could be benefited by blocking the current negotiations.

Cuban writers and artists deserve to know this new manoeuvre and will not be confounded by an operation that seeks to present this performance as a pure artistic creation. Its evident political intention is affirmed by the very message of an artist that does not seek anything but circumstantial protagonism.

All of our people celebrate today the return to the Homeland of our Five Heroes, as well as the announcement of the re-establishment of diplomatic relationships between Cuba and the United States. We reject any opportunist action that might try to opaque this historical moment.”