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29.12.2012 .
Platform #YoTambienExijo

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The aim of the artistic performance “Tatlin’s Whisper # 6”, Cuban artist Tania Bruguera will perform at La Plaza de la Revolución of the city of Havana, Cuba, on December 30th at 15 h (local time), is that Cubans peacefully express what ideas they have about their nation and its future, after the re-establishment of relations between Cuba and the United States.

“The work is an artistic event that will allow Cubans speak with their own voice on issues that concern them on the verge of a new year,” said Bruguera, who is widely recognized throughout Cuba and abroad for her work and reflections on the social role of art. For a full minute, any Cuban attending the performance may claim his/her rights and talk about his/her dreams and everyday problems. Similar to the performance “Tatlin’s Whisper # 6”, held on the Havana Biennial 2009 at an ‘open microphone’. This will render all attendees have their turn to speak.

The initiative is an example of political art and the role of art in society. “It’s what I call ‘Art Made for a political-timing specific’, which can be translated as a work done for a particular context and political situation,” says the artist. “The Performances and initiatives such as that to be held in La Plaza are usual in other countries. The social and artistic movements have always been connected, one of the soundest cases in Latin America was that of ‘Tucumán Arde’, for example,” says Bruguera, who has her home-studio in Cuba and lives among the United States, France and in any country where her work develops.

In Letter to Pope Francis this December 26th before leaving to Cuba, Bruguera says: “Dear Papa, our freedom is also in your protection. We need your blessing at a time when we have clearly in mind the words of John Paul II, who in that same Plaza asked Cubans not to be afraid, to open to the world, for the world could open to us.”

The artistic action will be a peaceful event where calls to violence, discrimination, affronts to the integrity of individuals, illegal acts or violent actions against public order, will not be tolerated or accepted. Clarifies the artist in the letter addressed to the Pope.

At a meeting on Saturday December 27th with Bruguera, President of the National Council of Arts, Ruben del Valle, made clear that the state agency does not support the organization, disclosure or legal procedures for carrying out the work. Bruguera then confirmed: “The work will be performed. This is a contribution of Art to the necessary discussion of ideas in Cuban society. “

Arte Útil for a better society

Civil Platform #YoTambienExijo emerged as a result to the Open Letter Bruguera forwarded on December 17th to Pope Francis, President Barack Obama, and Cuban President Raul Castro, in response to the announcement of the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States. The Platform brings together dozens of Cubans inside and outside of Cuba on behalf of human rights.

“These processes expand the borders and Cuba is part of the world, so we see as a very positive deed for Cuban society that we involve into global art and human rights movements, promoting and rescuing the faith for a better world” defends the Cuban artist. Bruguera, spokesperson for the Platform, said the action is based on the need for Cubans to publicly share their expectations for the surprising political shift between the island and the United States.

“Cubans have the right to ask questions and receive answers,” justified the artist. As for the Platform #YoTambienExijo, said that “was born as an inclusive project with no political affiliation or belief, from concerns among friends, acquaintances of acquaintances, but without any experience in activism and leadership in Cuban civil society.”

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