Waiting in line…

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Ray Yang

From: Yang, Ray.  “Waiting in Line…: In Line for Close Encounters,” 4833 rph — Explore and Discuss. Hyde Park ARTCENTER. Chicago, United States (illust.)


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Waiting in Line…

By Ray Yang

In Line for Close Encounters

It was the last thing anyone expected to happen at a Hyde Park Art Center exhibition  opening.  For  no  good reason  at  all  (or  so  it  seemed)  people  were  made  to  queue  single  file  and  subjected  to  stern questioning  before  being  granted  entry.  Unbeknownst  to  these  faithful  art  lovers  that  their  bemusement, frustration  or  unfazed acceptance of authority were actually art in the making. More precisely they  were participants in a performance by artist Tania Bruguera which was designed to simulate how bureaucratic power interferes with societal belonging.

Bruguera’s performance is one of nine artists projects that have been commissioned  by  the  Hyde  Park  Art Center  as  part  of  the  Close  Encounters  exhibition.  The  performance was brilliantly performed by Cecilia Vargas  (the  role of desk officer),  and  also  Sam  Goodman  and  Clare  Britt  (who  acted  as  provocateurs within  the  queue). Also, special thanks to Hannah Verrill who documented the performance.