Self Sabotage

“Artists should self-sabotage.

The way artists should survive is by losing our memory, not considering the work we have done as accumulated capital; we should be ready to lose our individual history at any moment.

The audience should also stop being protected.

Artists should self-sabotage the expectations we have created with our work. We should do likewise with the expectations of previously designed careers in which it seems that artists are rather small-corporation managers, demonstrating the productive capacity of concepts linked with the conception of a capitalist society, and not as a new idea of society, a society that may not yet exist, a society we intend to debate.

Artists should self-sabotage our relationship with others in the world of art by not pleasing them, and especially not pleasing institutions.

Artists should self-sabotage by quitting our work, by leaving our comfortable positions and looking for difficult sites, one that we do not understand, leave aside doing design and live.”

Tania Bruguera, Culture as a Strategy to Survive (2009) 

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