Institutional Self-Criticism

/ The following concept was generated by the artist to define her practice.

Institutional self-criticism does not destruct to construct but rather the opposite—it constructs to destruct. Its aim is to establish a parallel institution so effective that it destroys the other, replacing it. Institutional self-criticism focuses on changing the institution itself via the consciousness that its officials, customers, and intended public attain through the process of executing the artwork—without falling into fatalistic or victimizing positions. Therefore, it is propaedeutic, strategic, and non-representational: the platform of art is used to create, strategically, a model institution as reality. It is not shown through idealized examples but rather becomes the real thing itself. It presents a solution, not represent it. Since an alternative institution must be established that is recognized by people and by the institution itself, works of institutional self-criticism are of a very long duration.