/Like the Real Thing.

10.03.2011 /7:30 p.m.
LACAP. Toronto, Canada
organized by Tamara Toledo

Latin American Speakers Series

Tania Bruguera will presented a lecture titled “Like the real thing” regarding her last Long Term Project Immigrant Movement International, her presentation will be moderated by Alberto Guevara.

The Latin American Speakers Series will not only contextualize Latin American art within Canada, but will also be an opportunity to present meaningful cultural exchange. International guest speakers are paired with local Latin American moderators. The series objective is to enrich Canadian understanding of Latin American art from both the continent and the Diaspora.

A wide range of visual artists, curators, designers, educators, and academics share and discuss projects creating a forum for dialogue, collaboration and provide an educational vehicle for change and exchange. The series is presented by Latin American Canadian Art Projects and is curated by Tamara Toledo.