/IM International

7.03.2011 – 11.03.2011 /from 4:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Swedish Dance Group at IM International. Corona, Queens
organized by Marten Spangberg

The Bachelor program in Dance Pedagogy

DOCH educates dance pedagogues and dance teachers with an artistic and pedagogical profile relating to dance and choreography in a contemporary context. The courses and programs relates to new social structures by using relevant methods and interactive processes. This requires a development of the pedagogical and artistic methods that is used to train and communicate within and through dance. In new media, dance is communicated both as an art-form, as entertainment and as a field of knowledge. The teaching of dance has many levels and is becoming more and more interdisciplinary. An important prerequisite for contemporary artistic education in dance pedagogy is a close connection to other programs in education in the arts as well as the artistic work in dance.