Usefulness as Ideology

6.04.2013 /2:00 p.m.
Queens Museum of Art, New York City Building, Queens. New York, United States.
Originated by Tania Bruguera, with research by Gemma Medina, organized at the Queens Museum of Art by Adrianne Koteen, Prerana Reddy and Diya Vij in collaboration with Van Abbemuseum.

The Arte Útil Lab

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The Lab will host public workshops testing hypotheses critical to formulating the principals of Arte Útil including questions of aesthetics, ethical responsibility, sustainability, reproducibility and accessibility under these four sections: Aest-ethics: Moral Aesthetics in Arte Útil; Access & Replication Mechanisms; Project Ecosystem Management; and Usefulness as Ideology. Hypotheses will be tested by bringing experts/practitioners in to challenge or support these questions and by analyzing the case studies in the Lab. The events will be recorded in a lab book that will enter the archive.


.Tania Bruguera

.Stephen Duncombe

.Randy Martin

.Lucía Sanromán