Untitled (Labour). Contemporary Art and Immaterial Production

17.03.2011/ 10:00 m.
Tate Britain Clore Auditorium. London, England
Symposium (Skype)
Organized by Tate Britain: Jo Bradshaw and Nora Razian

This half-day symposium invites audience members to engage with international artists and academics to investigate current conditions of artistic production in relation to new forms of labour in the emerging global economy. Presenting various perspectives on immaterial labour and its relationship to contemporary art, speakers will address questions around the impact of immaterial production on new aesthetic forms and uses of art, how artists both embody and contest the precarious working conditions of immaterial labour, and art’s potential to serve as immanent critique of capitalism.


Claire Bishop

Tania Bruguera

Pascal Gielen

Stefano Harney

Stewart Martin

Hito Steyerl

Carey Young


Nora Razian and Lauren Rotenberg


TJ Demos and Lauren Rotenberg

14.00- Welcome and introduction

14.10- Pascal Gielen

14.25- Stefano Harney

14.40- Hito Steyerl

14.55- Discussion (Panel and Q&A) Chaired by TJ Demos

15.45 – Break

16.00 – Tania Bruguera

16:15 – 10 min question period for Tania

16.25- Claire Bishop

16.40 – Carey Young

16.55- Stewart Martin

17.10 – Discussion (Panel and Q&A) Chaired by Lauren Rotenberg

17.50 – Closing Remarks (TJ Demos)