Re-creation of works Anima – 1985 – 1996
Gunpowder, stones, textile.
“Bruguera, just like Pierre Me-nard, has repeated some of Men-dieta’s works and has carried out others that Mendieta only sketched. As if taking possession of Mendieta, she re-en- acted her performance. […] These works are a surprising example of the capacity of con- temporary art to pay homage through its own resources. Appropriation, conceptual art and process were used to achieve this homage through an artistic consubstantiation open to multiple meanings. Bruguera identified with Mendieta in order to bring her back to the island and to present day, to rework her in order to show her art to the new generations and to recover her presence in the collective imagination. . In this way, Mendieta’s myth is promoted through a quasi-religious artistic ritual, which is itself based on Men-dieta’s mul- ticultural myth. […] This transubstantiation is also a utopic image of the possible union of all Cubans on the island and beyond.”
Gerardo Mosquera, “Resucitando a Ana Mendieta”, Poliéster, vol.4, no.11, Invierno, 1995. (ilust.) pp. 52-55.