Tribute to Ana Mendieta

from 19.02.2013 – 30.04.2013 /
Akbank Sanat. Istanbul, Turkey
Curated by Alejandra Labastida

The Life of Others. Repetition and Survival

This project brings together the works produced on basis of artistic strategies of appropriation, citation, translation and recreation of historical pieces and events. It follows Deleuze’s concept of repetition, which he deems as the power standing against singularity, as a violation and exception of special qualities covered by Law. In this regard, the project aims to provide new insights into understanding of repetition-based modern art applications. While it is trying to move away from the parameters of the act of appropriation, it is placing these parameters into affirmation of the political status of singularity. This singularity stands against the domesticated paradigm that stipulates equivalency and alterability to another thing.