Transforming audience into citizens.

14.04.2010. 5:00 p.m.
The University of Utah. Utah, United States.
Curated by Justin Diggle and Elena Shtromberg.

Public Lecture: On useful art and politics

[…As an artist I have being researching ways in which Art can be applied to the everyday political life, not only as its dispositive for self-reflection but as a way to generate and install models for social interactions that could provide new ways to engage with utopia. The concept of the ephemeral is one that presents itself in the form of the political and its effectiveness. I consider my work to be contextual art, one that subordinates any pre-conceived notion of aesthetic or
artistic strategies to the needs of the “here and now,” of the currency, weight and impact of the events in relationship with specific moments of history and audiences. The ephemeral is also located in the problematic of authorship, which tends to be distributed and disseminated among the participant-performers in my work.

The goal of the work is not only to provoke ways of thinking, to spark reflection or to create a public forum to debate ideas that have been shown in their state of contradictions but to realize the possibility of working with Arte Util (Useful Art). Art is mostly accepted in its contemplative function; even when the work itself is presented in an “active” way, what is demanded at the end from the audience is mostly an activation of the mind.]