The eyes of the Power

28.04.2015 .
Havana, Cuba

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For four months I have seeing power directly to their eyes and endure it, I was able to enter a journey by which I had access to another Cuba, one reserved to those who want to claim their rights to free expression. Today I´m in a Cuba no tourist is going to see, no businessman is going to have access to when making the assessments of their investment´s risks in the island, no artist is going to witness in the next Havana Biennial because they will be safely in the art scene bubble. Today I have seeing a Cuba where people are illiterate in regards of their civic and legal rights. I have seeing a Cuba where the government penalize an opinion that is not what they want to hear at that moment or at that place or by those specific people. I have seeing a Cuba that responds with violence towards people who think different (no matter that they are doing so by peaceful or administrative means.) I have seeing a Cuba where the government infantilize its citizens. I see a Cuban Government more interested in acquiring business opportunities from the United States than any example of individual freedom. I see a Cuba that is very different to what I was promised we will be in the 21st century, because we have today a government using fear to be in power. The fear people have in Cuba now is not only fear to lose their job or to be left out of the upcoming business opportunities or to be labeled as an outcast and therefore condemned to feel the fear of others in the form of peer isolation. The fear that keeps the Cuban government in power is  fear that comes out of ignorance; the fear of not knowing that you have the rights to make accountable those in power and they have the duty to answer for their political acts.

I´m today a disappointed Cuban citizen.

Ideals become nice stories when there is nothing to lose for them, in the meanwhile ideals are a hard story to tell.