Tania Bruguera. Purchase, New York

Lilly Wei
Summer 2010

From: Wei, Lilly. “TANIA BRUGUERA,” ARTnews, Volume 109/Number 7, Summer 2010, (illust.) pp. 131.

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Tania Bruguera 

This exhibition, “On the Political Imaginary,” featured a spot-on selection of highlights from the career of Tania Bruguera. The innovative Cuban artist, who lives in Chicago, Paris, and Havana, is a favorite of the biennial circuit, yet this was her first musuem survey. That may due in part to the complex and varied forms of her interdisciplinary practice. Echoing the Russian avant-garde’s galvanizing cry of “Art into life,” Bruguera’s participate in a kind of protest karaoke. Shining through all the works here was Bruguera’s special gift of persuasion: she can make lapsed liberals and idealists care again.