Tania Bruguera: On the Political Imaginary

Carrie Lambert-Beatty, Gerardo Mosquera, Helaine Posner
December 2009

Ed. Charta
pp. 141
ISBN 978-88-8158-764-3

On the occasion of the survey show
“Tania Bruguera: On the Political Imaginary”
curated by Helaine Posner
Neuberger Museum of Art, State University of New York, Purchase, United States
28.01.2009 – 11.04.2010

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Thom Collins
p. 13

Helaine Posner
p. 15

Gerardo Mosquera
Cuba in Tania Bruguera’s Work: The Body Is the Social Body
p. 23

Carrie Lambert-Beautty
Political People: Notes on Arte de Conducta
p. 37