Psychanalyse, art et image III.

6.12.10. from 18:00 to 20:00.

Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, 14, rue Bonaparte. Paris, France.

Coordinated by Jany Lauga.

Tania Bruguera, artiste, enseignante aux Beaux-arts, entretien avec Alain Vanier.

Psychoanalysis, art and image III

For more than a century, art and psychoanalysis have been closely linked, for the best, but also for the worse. Therefore, these lectures will not offer explanations on the creative act or on the works, or on psychobiography, since “the essence of art production is psychoanalytically inaccessible” (Freud). They will be an attempt at understanding what is at stake in creative acts which fundamentally escapes from us. A hopeless didactic project but with questions one would like to pick up again when they emerge: how to read images with psychoanalysis when this can only be done through words? What is an image? What is the look and what do we look at (the status of the spectator and of the image, the presentation of the image and its representation, etc.)? How can the psychoanalyst be taught by the artist who has access to sources which are “normally closed” to us? What is the creative act (individual history and creative act, etc.)? What can an artist expect from psychoanalysis?

This series of lectures is organized by Alain Vanier, university professor and director of Centre de Recherches Psychanalyse Médecine and the Société de l’Université Paris Diderot–Paris 7.