Press Release #9

12.04.2015 .
New York, United States

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A global action in support of Tania Bruguera and for artistic freedom will take place

With the support of Creative Time, a group of museums in New York and art agents mainly from the U.S., this Monday 13th a global action in support of Tania Bruguera will take place. Bruguera is a Cuban artist who is being unjustly accused by the Cuban government of counterrevolutionary activism. The action is aimed to request the release of charges made to Bruguera, and the release of Angel Santiesteban, Danilo Maldonado “El Sexto”, and of all those who face criminal charges and violence only for exercising their fundamental human right to freedom of expression

In New York the action will take place at Duffy Square, next to the red stairs and the TKTS stand, at the north triangle in Times Square, between 45th and 47th St, and between Broadway and 7th Ave, from 12:00- 4:00 pm (Eastern time). 

(See instructions for the performance:

We invite any individual and organization that considers freedom of expression an inalienable right that should not be criminalized by any government. Any support anywhere is of great help. We would like to thank all those who has joined the initiative, considering that it’s been organized in only 5 days…” affirms the online platform #YoTambienExijo where Tania Bruguera is the main speaker. 

The action, which has been massively called through social network, consists in the re-staging of the participatory art performance from Bruguera “El Susurro de Tatin #6”, first released on the 10th Havana Biennial in 2009, and re-released five years later at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. 

Considering that Creative Time invitation to the re-staging of “El Susurro de Tatin # 6” has been made in such a short time, those who would like to participate in these solidarity actions- with writers and artists who have been criminalized for their legitimate right to freedom of expression- and who could not make it to Monday 13th events, could send a one minute text that will be read on their behalf. The text could be send through the #YoTambienExijo Facebook page or through Creative Time Facebook page. 

For new groups we extend the possibility to celebrate the event for the period between April 13th to May 23rd. So far similar events have been confirmed to take place in Bruxelles,  Malmo Museum; in SMU and other institutions in Texas. 

Let’s all support the right to Freedom of Expression this Monday, April 13th, 2015.

The organization that have confirmed their participation so far are the following: 

. Creative Time:

. Conflict Kitchen:

. Kadist Foundation:

. Roma:

. Van abbemuseum:

. The Art Institute of Chicago:

. Dallas Art District Museums:

. HammerMuseum:

. Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art:

. Department of Art Theory and Practice. Northwestern University: contact-Michael Rakowitz

Please sign and share:

. The Voice Project:

. For the Right to Free Expression: