Press Release #10

18.05.2015 .
Havana, Cuba

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The uninterrupted collective reading and discussion of a text by Hannah Arendt would be the first session of the foundational process of the ‘Hannah Arendt’ International Institute of Artivism. The event begins on May 20, 2015 at 10:00 am. The doors of the space will be open to all and at any hour until the reading of Hannah Arendt’s book is finished (approximately 100 consecutive hours) after which there will be a public action.

Hannah Arendt’s International Institute for Artivismresponds to the current crisis of representation in the arts and the desire for activism to be effective in society, and proposes to bring a platform for research on the theoretical and practical applications of socially engaged art for a specific political moment.  

The project of the Institute, which aims to contribute to the understanding of the role and effectiveness that art has as an agent of social change, has several laboratories in the following areas: 

. Arte Útil (Useful Art): Artistic Research as an instrument of social transformation

. Arte de Conducta (Behavioural Art): Research on how behavior is used as a communication tool

. Applied Arts: Artistic practices related to other fields of knowledge

. AEST-ethics: Research and Practice on the interpellation between aesthetics and ethics in socio-cultural projects

This action takes place on May 20th, Anniversary the Republic of Cuba.

If you would like to participate just come at any time during the day or night to: Tejadillo 214, between Aguacate and Compostela, Old Havana (one block from the National Museum).

You can communicate directly with the project via telephone: (+ 53) 2720282 or email with the subject: “Participation in International Institute of Artivism”