Political Timing-Specific

/ The following concept was generated by the artist to define her practice. 

Site-specific art responds to its physical, geographical, or social conditions. Political timing-specific art expands these coordinates to include the political conditions that mark a particular moment. Political events define and shape the work—these are understood as significant issues of public concern, particularly those related to governance and its implementation through policy, propaganda, journalism, and public opinion. The work provides an answer to a specific situation that is born of a necessity, not just the artist’s desires. The artwork evolves with the political moment, and its realization is in the consequences it generates. Once the moment passes, the piece loses its potential impact and becomes a document. (2017)


A work method in which the piece is linked to and depends of the political circumstances existing in the moment it is made or exhibited. It is a type of work created to exist at a specific political moment and, therefore, once the moment goes by, the piece loses its potential political impact and tends to become a document of a specific political moment. The political moment informs the piece making it a structure that must adapt to the evolution of the political events and their interpretations. (2011)