Political Art Is Uncomfortable Knowledge

10.12.2015 / 7:00 p.m.
Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Auditorium, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn. New York, United States.

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Conversation: Tania Bruguera and Dread Scott: “Political Art Is Uncomfortable Knowledge”

For the opening program of the exhibition Agitprop!, we host a conversation between Dread Scott and Tania Bruguera, artists who use their work as a tool for social change. The discussion focuses on the political issues that their art addresses and the strategies they employ to combat the demonization of immigrants, institutionalized oppression, and police brutality. The artists touch on historical precedents of agitprop that influence their work as well as the most urgent issues facing society today. As such, this conversation is an opportunity not only to learn from history, but to see art as a way to fight for a more just future.