Performance for the Opening Reception of Artspace’s 30th

29.10.2015 / 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Artspace. 50 Orange Street, New Haven, CT. United States.

The line you met outside was us. We are participants in this city. New Haven inhabits us. We work and live in its sectors. We hustle, day dream, work day jobs. Some of us are students, and some of us were, once, or would be. We are talking. We read. We spend time on The Green. We look out through windows.

We walk the streets and watch. We are aware of each other, and tonight we receive you, en masse, so that you are aware of us. Perhaps you came to The New Haven Museum looking to honor an art institution, perhaps you came to reconnect with old friends. Either way, to join the reception you had to encounter our reception first, which may have looked like two New Haven community members making eye contact, or shaking hands.

Perhaps you wished we weren’t there; you didn’t want to approach. Or maybe the gesture of our solidarity and differences attracted you, and you thought to join us. Either way, you did not pass through the museum doors unacknowledged. Within the line, our eyes met and hands touched.