La Mano Inmigrante (The Immigrant Hand), Tania Bruguera and Mujeres en Movimiento

15 + 16 + 19.07.2016 / 7:00 p.m. (on 15 + 19 July) / 2:00 p.m. (on 16 July)
46th Ave and 111th Street, Queens. NY, United States.
Performance – Participatory Walk

LA MANO INMIGRANTE (THE IMMIGRANT HAND) / Tania Bruguera and Mujeres en Movimiento

Cross the border into Corona and join Tania Bruguera and Mujeres en Movimiento on a walk that presents the unacknowledged truth: we are all immigrants. On “La Mano Imigrante,” the group will imagine a neighborhood where everyone’s work and experiences are celebrated. We will re-name subway stops, pass along our life stories and perform the labor of people who, often underpaid and exploited, do the essential jobs that keep this city afloat.

Featuring the following members of Mujeres en Movimiento: Maria Canela, Vero Ramirez and Valeria Reyes

This walk holds 12 people and will be held in Spanish with English translation.

Special thanks: Carla Kasumi