Institutions by Artists: Should artists professionalize?

13.10.2012/ 7:00 p.m.
Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, Simon Fraser University. Vancouver, Canada.
Organized by the Pacific Association of Artist Run Centres and Fillip Magazine

Allison Collins

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As artists have taken on the creation of artist-run organizations or have turned themselves or their practices into institutions, their roles have expanded, taking on the work of curator, administrator, critic, educator, publicist, and so forth. While the polyvalence of contemporary artists has enriched institutions with resources and support, any reciprocity remains subject to debate. The professionalization of the artist, arising as a consequence of artist-run institution building and the blurring of professional roles inherent in such activity, may limit artistic potential in that artists take on increased administrative and curatorial responsibilities, among others, at the opportunity cost of artistic production. In the second debate of the convention, presenters will deliberate on the many roles of the contemporary artist, making the case for and against his or her professionalization.

Team A (for)

. Julia Bryan-Wilson

. Jeff Derksen

. Candice Hopkins

Team B (against)

. Tania Bruguera

. Sam Gould

. Claire Tancons