fom 2.05.2013 – 4.05.2013 /12:00 m. – 20:00 (Opening hours)
Kunstraum Stein. Krems, Austria.
Temporary Office (Civil Rights and Social Action)Coordinated by Moisl Margit

IM International built upon the real and exemplary situation of the multi- and transnational community in Corona and has since expanded around the world. This led to IM International‘s campaign in Krems, which will utilise donaufestival’s infrastructure and media presence to draw attention to its objectives. Additionally, the office of IM International, represented by Tania Bruguera and Camilo Godoy, will temporarily be set up in the Kunstraum Stein. The office not only provides information about the organisation, it also functions as a hub for communication with local NGOs, activists, and other protagonists who are active in the realm of civil rights for migrants and for the planning and realisation of a series of performative interventions and actions at diverse locations throughout the festival.