Immigrant Movement International

15.11.2014 / 4:20 p.m.
Creative Summit. Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden.
Curated by Lisa Rosendahl and Organized by Creativ Summit Stockholm Team

CREATIVE SUMMIT. Section 5: Migrations

Exploring socially and politically engaged art in a global context

Migrants are individuals caught between the boundaries of nation-states and the reality of international economics. These conditions place them paradoxically at the center of global politics and yet still at the periphery of international human rights. How are artists navigating and producing works at the heart of this paradox?


. Soraya Post


. Tania Bruguera

. Olga Jitlina and Andrey Yakimov, The Amanda Weil Award Lecture

. Ahmet Ögüt

. Tone Olaf Nielsen

. Christopher Robbins and John Ewing, Ghana ThinkTank

. Favianna Rodriguez