How does art in public space make room for social and political acts and reflections? What conditions and pre-requisites make these processes possible?

17.11.2014 / 6:00 p.m.
Skogen. Masthuggsterrassen 3, Göteborg, Sweden
Organized by Public Art Agency Sweden together, NY-based Creative Time, Institute for Contemporary Ideas and Art, and Skogen.


Discussion about socially and politically engaged art in public space. The conversation develops some of the most pertinent questions from Creative Time Summit: Stockholm 14-15 November to ask. Concrete examples from the global and local art scenes will be used as starting points for a broader discussion


. Tania Bruguera

. Carl Oscar Sjogren / Non existent Center

. Nato Thompson

. Lisa Rosendahl

. Skogen

. Anna Van Der Vliet