Energy thief

28.01.2015 .
Havana, Cuba

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The only way to wait is to grab on tight to the facts of the matter.

I can not allow myself to retain the image of my phone, connected to thecomputer, opening up files without my having touched it. I must have imaginedit.

I can not give an explanation to emails I’ve received with various sectionsunreadable because they are computer language because I understand nothingof computers. 

That the machine suddenly says that it does not recognize a new applicationwithout having connected anything to it must have been because somethingwas broken when State Security returned it to my mother. Or since it is not myown computer I may not understand it well. 

Maybe its better to believe the “instructor” when I asked her about the car thatwas following us a few nights ago (verified) and she answers me that maybe itwas someone jealous spying on a lover and got confused with our car. Maybe Ishould look for a different explanation to her answer, when, two days later, Iasked her about a car that was following me to an exhibit and she said that thecar that I described to her did not match the model that they use (Geely). Mustbe I don’t know much about cars. 

Probably the gentleman that drew near to us in the street to tell us that someonewas taking a video of us from the opposite sidewalk, must have been a madstreet-person.

I tried to explain to my mother that we mustn’t exaggerate when she saw atechnician redirecting the camera in our corner post so that it could capture ourstreet and the entrance to our building, and that it wasn’t because of us,because the camera will capture much more important things; that it had nothingto do with us , that we mustn’t exaggerate.

Neither should I think that the antenna that they directed to our house and to thestairs in our house from the building next door, was placed by State Security. Itdoesn’t matter that it was placed only two weeks ago. 

I shouldn’t try to solve the problem of my cell phone having such badconnections recently. Nor that every time that I make plans for a foreigntelevision interview the “instructor” calls me in for another type of interview,because coincidences do exist. 

I can not think that the video images of me getting out in my house with StateSecurity agents and policemen, or entering and exiting the police station, ordressed first as a civilian and then as a jail bird, will be used in a MesaRedonda (“round table”). They will not give me that stardom, unless they arevery desperate.

I can not find a connection with the sudden importation to Cuba of Ernesto LuisLaffita, one of the people most enthusiastic with our #YoTambienExijocampaign, and that gave us moral support, urging us on and promoting us(although it was my “instructor” who asked him what people we had in commonand how he knew me) but I can be happy that he is finally reunited with hisfamily.
I can not think that any of this has anything to do with me, because the only wayto wait is to grab on tight to the facts of the matter, without looking for anexplanation. 

Because I know that this new antenna was placed there not to listen but to robme of my energy.

Tania Bruguera

January 28, 2015