Declaration of Principles for Artistic Action

25.12.2014 .
Platform #YoTambienExijo

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Given the fact that art leads to multipleinterpretations.

Given the diversity of views that are summoned there and thepassion with which Cubans defend our ideas.

Given the fact that we have received proposals Cubans aroundthe world who also want to speak from their Plaza.

Given the peaceful nature of the #YoTambienExijo platformthat promotes the meeting of the 30th of December.

We want to provide access to instructions, so that this workmay be performed with us in Havana, or elsewhere.

Ten instructions to activate the work “Tatlin’s Whisper# 6”
(Note: Before starting the work a person explains the rules to all present).

1. The microphone is open for anyone who wants to use it.

2. Each person has a minute to speak whereupon should leave the microphone to those who follow and respect the right of others to express themselves on equal terms.

3. Each group to perform this piece can choose in what way they will indicate that the intervention time is over. We suggest: clapping, finger snaps, a buzzer alarm sound, a musical instrument.

4. The main rule of this work is that ALL reviews are welcome and the audience may NOT stop the intervention. If someone disagrees can use its minute at the microphone to offer a different opinion.

5. Each person involved in the performance will speak from his/her point of view. No spokespersons or alternative institutions or government groups will be accepted. It is a public but individual action.

6. Vulgarity, swearword, curse, calls to violence, discrimination or affronts to the integrity of individuals, shall not be accepted.

7. Not illegal acts or violent actions against public order are accepted.

8. The length of the work is up to the public. In the event the work spans for several hours and recurrent ideas were detected, the audience can resolve to establish a new ‘open mic’ to talk about a specific topic. Whenever a new group starts, the rules will be explained again.

9. The order of speakers will be determined by the order in which the word is requested. The order of speakers should be respected.

10. The work is an Art Space where we all can design our desires and our human imaginaries.