from 7.09.2013 – 17.11.2013 /
Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art (GIBCA). Göteborg, Sweden
Curated by Joanna Warsza

Art Crime. Legally on The Edge. A Forensic Exhibition.

Joanna Warsza writes about the inspiration for this year’s crime concept:

The exceptionally popular Swedish-Danish TV crime series The Bridge starts with the image of a blackout: the lights go off in the whole city, bringing life to a halt. […] In the past half-century, Nordic crime and horror fiction has appeared as a kind of sublimated and staged political debate in the region, a post-Marxist critique of a society hiding its vice behind an apparent harmony. Fascination with crime fiction-as the genre fan Bertolt Brecht wrote-derives from a deeply modernist project, since it represents life as logical and coherent, where every wrong must have a reason and evil eventually fails, aspiring to the phantasm of a pure society.