Arte Útil, Activism and Sincerity

11.01.2014 / 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Arte Útil Museum, A1-05: Room of Controversies. Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Coordinated by Arte Útil team.


Session 1: Arte Útil, activism and sincerity

Art has the potential for real social change. Yet often initiatives that migrate between art and activism are accused of lacking in either political or artistic sincerity. Who are these initiatives really for, what are their motives and what are they achieving?


. Tania Bruguera

. Thomas Phillipe Guya

. Laurie Jo Reynolds

. Jonas Staal

. Elke Uitenuis

Debate and contribute to Arte Útil: Arte Útil projects and case studies are constantly being created and therefore the ‘Association of Arte Útil’ will be open online where new examples can be submitted. In the museum, a programme of public discussions, workshops and presentations will tackle some of the central questions and problems raised by the term. Taking place in ‘The Room of Controversies’ they will include four main sessions: ‘Arte Útil, Gentrification and Misuse,’ ‘Arte Útil, Activism and Sincerity,’ ‘Arte Útil, Social Design and Instrumentalisation,’ ‘Arte Útil, 2.0 Culture and Disobedience.’ The central gallery, the ‘Archive room,’ will be an interactive core where users gain insights into different tactics happening throughout the world and where case studies can be suggested, assessed against the criteria, printed and added to the archive.