01.01.2011 – 23.01.2011

/Paris, France (e-mail, skype and conference) – Havana, Cuba (e-mail)
-Finalizing details for the project with Creative Time and Queens Museum of Art
-Search interviews for project coordinator
-Searching for an apartment
-Creating Blog for the project
23.01.2011 – 31.01.2011
/Corona, Queens
-Arrival to the future headquaters of Immigrant Movement International
-Meeting with Creative Time
-Meeting with first round of finalist for project coordinator position
-Meeting with Queens Museum of Art
-Meeting with various NY Universities
-Meeting with lawyers

– Search interviews for project coordinator

organized by Creative Time and Tania Bruguera

. More info at: http://www.creativetime.org/about/artistassistant.html

– Searching for an apartment

organized by José Serrano of Queens Museum of Art

. Tania Bruguera’s first demand was to live at a public shelters in NY for new arrival immigrants.  It was not found.

. Tania Bruguera requested to take some of the street announcements for rent around the Immigrant Movement International’s headquarters.

– Creating Blog for the project

writing by Tania Bruguera



– Meeting with Creative Time 

organized by Nato Thompson

. Informal presentation about the project to Creative Time’s staff during their weekly staff meeting.

. Briefings about artistic practice in the public sphere that deals with questions of social justice. Analyzing Tania’s work as an artist that has been committed to social change throughout her career. Studying all the requirements presented by the artist the previous year to make this work possible.

– Meeting with first round of finalist project coordinator position

organized by Creative Time and Tania Bruguera

– Meeting with Queens Museum of Art

organized by Tom Finkelpearl

. Briefings about the collaboration between Tania and Queens Museum through Tania’s artwork Arte Útil as her first Useful Art action in the community before her Long Term Project runs.

. Meeting with Queens Museum of Art’s community organizer and staff.

. Meeting with representatives from local community organizations.

. Site visits to nearby neighborhoods in Queens.

. Talk to people in the neighborhood.

– Meeting with various NY Universities 

organized by Shane Brennan of Creative Time

Project’s presentation to various universities as Columbia University, Queens College among others to create interest from students that could be potential interns and collaborators.

– Meeting with lawyers

organized by Creative Time

. Working with the legal team on the status of the proposal in relationship with the american political system and all of the legal aspects of the project.

. Overview of all legal aspects of the project.